7 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress for your site

I often see people in a business group asking which type of website framework they should go with when creating their own site…We’re a big fan of WordPress and here’s 7 reasons why…

1. WordPress is Free
WordPress is free software that can be downloaded, installed and modified by anyone. Its called Open Source Software – the philosophy behind this is explained here 
Bear in mind however that you still need to pay for hosting and a domain name but essentially you can use a free theme for a basic website to get you up and running.

2.WordPress is SEO friendly
Wordpress is structured in such a way that Google loves it – half the hard work has been done already!

Here’s why…

Fast Loading Speed – WordPress is automatically optimised for speed – an essential requirement for SEO these days.
XML sitemap – You have the ability to easily create a sitemap that can be submitted to search engines , allowing the structure of the site content to be recognised and indexed.
Social Media integration – Google gives importance to sites that get good traffic from social networking sites.
Image Optimisation – Adding titles and Alt tags to images is incredibly easy and helps enormously with SEO
User experience – All modern WordPress themes are built to look good on multiple devices – being responsive is standard.

3. WordPress can handle different media types
Images, videos, and audio can all easily be inserted in to a WordPress site with a single click! – Research has shown that users engage more with sites that incorporate these elements.

4, There are thousands of WordPress themes available
Apart from the free themes available over at www.wordpress.org  there are many thousands of paid themes available to suit every purpose. A word of caution here though – ensure that you get a theme from a reputable company that has support for that theme should you have any issues – some themes are badly coded and allow security vulnerabilities to creep in overtime. In searching for a theme look for reviews on the theme and an indication that the developer is still supporting it.

5.A WordPress site can be extended with plug-ins
The sheer beauty of WordPress is that due to its Open Source nature many people in the WordPress community have created useful plugins – our very own Elliott Richmond from Square One is one of them! Plug ins are a piece of software that can extend the functionality of your website – there is pretty much a plug in for everything these days and most are free!

6. WordPress is safe and secure
There’s been much talk that WordPress has security vulnerabilities. The fact of the matters that WordPress powers 23% of the internet and is therefore a prime target for hackers. However WordPress continually provides updates to the core to prevent such attacks. The majority of hacking is a result of poor management of the site in terms of users not updating themes and plug ins.

7. Huge support system
WordPress has a huge community of WordPress developers and users and this is invaluable when you may be experiencing an issue with your site.There are massive resources on the internet to help you and thousands of specialised WordPress developers that can develop your site further if you feel the need to get external help.

If you feel you need some assistance in learning more about WordPress and how to get started on a website then take a look at our Workshop For Beginner course

If you have a WordPress site already but sometimes need assistance – head on over to our Ask The WordPress Wizards group where we have three wizards to give you advice.

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